Support Us

As a small charity, we rely very much on the support of our local community.

Since 2002, we have worked together to turn the creative ambitions of people with complex learning disabilities into reality.

Our professional artists provide the ‘know-how’ and our members, both with and without learning-disabilities, work together to create exciting art projects for local festivals and events.  Everyone gains skills and confidence and make a real contribution to their community.

Every group session we run costs £240.  This includes paying artists’ fees; buying materials and making a contribution to the workshop rent and utilities.  In addition to the sessions, there are further hidden costs.  Our administrative team must ensure a safe and creative environment for everyone.  To do this, we always:

  • Train and employ specialist arts facilitators who can involve everyone
  • Recruit and support art volunteers, providing training for personal and career development
  • Run background checks (DBS checks) on everyone involved to ensure we safeguard vulnerable members
  • Maintain regular contact with members and their support staff
  • Provide good equipment and a safe space to work in
  • Provide the security of comprehensive insurance for everyone involved in our activities, no matter how adventurous

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There are other ways to support us, too.  Here’s some suggestions:

  • Talk to teachers and educators, to business people, arts people and to your friends.  Tell them who we are and why you like what we do.
  • Join in with events such as the summer festivals we attend, our AGM and Visioning Days.
  • Help out by telling us what skills you have.  Maybe you could edit a newsletter for us, take photos at an event or help with our marketing.  We are always grateful for a helping hand!
  • Stay in touch – we circulate information and opportunities regularly.  Contact us if you’re not already on our mailing list.