as a lead artist

All projects are lead by a lead artist and a core worker.  The artists for a project are picked on the basis of what the group says that they would like to do, for instance if the group wish to undertake a ceramics project then we would recruit a ceramicist in the lead artist role.

Core workers are artists who have completed the Pyramid training in inclusive arts practice.  The core worker makes sure that everybody in the group is able to take part to the fullest of his/ her ability.

The positions for each project are filled on the basis of the artists having skills that complement each other.  For example, the core worker may not have much expertise in the particular creative task being undertaken, in which case then the other lead artist would need to be someone who specialised in the project’s creative field, but would not necessarily need to be all that experienced in working with people with learning disabilities.

We will advertise occassionally for new freelance workers to meet with us and get ‘on the books’ – this isn’t a guarantee of paid work but it means you will be considered when opportunities arise.  Please sign up to our mailing list to be notified when we are recruiting.

If you would like to undertake our training programme, please browse our training pages for further details.