High Rise Movement

A brilliant and fun session, set to music, High Rise Movement is a gentle choreography that focuses on engagement through touch, massage and props.

The sessions work by stimulating movement and senses. We achieve this in a variety of ways, often using a theme.

We explore methods such as sensory touch; hand massage using oils and lotions; mirroring; contact dance; finger dancing and clapping. We use rhythm in the form of poetry with actions; songs welcoming members into the group; music; percussion to facilitate atmosphere and to awaken other senses.  Props with different textures are employed to give a tactile experience, such as bubbles; ribbon sticks; feathers; scarves with scented oils; massage balls; sponge balls and weighted bean bags.

Massage is used to great effect: patting with different hand and finger shapes; stroking with different textures and using airflow with fans and scarves.

The groups meet in a large hall, allowing plenty of space to move and explore.

Above all, High Rise Movement is an experience that contributes massively to emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

High Rise Movement Group Documentary and Musical Performance, created in Spring 2016 and shown as part of the BEYOND Festival in June 2016.

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