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‘DTeams’ are one artist with learning disabilities working one to one with another artist without learning disabilities.


They work well for

  • People with a learning disability who have an interest or skill in a particular art form that they want to develop
  • People with a learning disability who have an interest in the arts but whose support needs are such that group work is not appropriate or possible for them


The type and length of sessions are entirely tailored to the needs of the individual and vary from 1-2 hours a week at home, to two full days a week at Pyramid. Pyramid can also arrange transport and personal care support if required.


Using the DTeam format, members can work to develop their artistic practice to the fullest extent of their abilities and their aspirations.  This might include:

  • Working with a professional artist to practice and develop a particular skill
  • Taking part in exhibitions or performances as a solo artist
  • Writing arts funding applications for money, or applications to take part in events
  • Developing a website or artist portfolio


Please By Tramadol Online to receive an application pack by post or email.

When you send us your completed application form, we will arrange to meet with you in person. You can tell us more about your interests and we’ll tell you what we have to offer.

Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online

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