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Tramadol To Buy Cheap, Tramadol Buy Online Europe

The Foundation training is arts-based and interactive, giving participants a chance to experiment with new techniques in a supportive environment. The training equips people with a greater understanding of some of the challenges facing people with learning disabilities and enables them to provide appropriate support.
Specifically the training covers:

  • An introduction to collaborative arts work
  • An introduction to communication skills
  • Disability equality and learning disability awareness
  • Basic facilitation and health and safety
  • Useful policies and procedures (using Pyramid as an example)

The Foundation Training comprises of three stand-alone training sessions:

The Pyramid Way: Gives people a basis of knowledge and understanding from which to develop positive relationships with a range of people, including those with disabilities (visible or hidden) (evening)

Practicalities: An introduction to safe working in your arts group (facilitation, health and safety, policies and procedures) (evening)

Working Together: A practical introduction to collaborative working and communication in arts projects (full-day)

Members of Pyramid of Arts are able to access this training course free of charge, provided that they are willing to commit to voluntary work of at least three hours per week for at least six months.  Please note that you may be liable for payment in full if you accept free training and then fail to regularly attend Pyramid activities.

Latest Dates:

Weds 27 Feb 2019 – 6.15pm – 9pm
Weds 06 Mar – 6.15pm – 8.30pm
Sun 10 Mar – 9.30am – 4pm

Cost: £160 (50% concessionary discount available)

Please Tramadol Medication Online for further information or to book.

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