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Tramadol Online Cod Overnight, Cheap Tramadol Online

Fundraising for High Rise Visual Arts

Fundraising event at Cardigan Arms, Saturday 3rd February at 6pm

High Rise Visual Arts were invited by Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills to create a sculpture for the plot located at the rear of the mill next to Buffalo Bill Bridge – just next to Cardigan Fields Leisure Complex off Kirkstall Road.

After visiting the museum a few times, they were inspired to create from the things that they found on the site. The group have been creating large tiles, which will form part of a three tier pyramid.

To complete the project we need to raise a few more ££s. We have raised quite a lot of money already. 

We are having a fundraiser at Cardigan Arms on Kirkstall Road. It has just been reopened by the local Kirkstall Brewery. You can find the event on Facebook by clicking Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online.

See the poster below for details. We hope that you will be able to come along!

[The poster above has the following information written on it: the date – Saturday 3rd February 2018; the time – 6pm; the venue – Cardigan Arms, Kirkstall Road; what’s happening – tombola, bingo, craft workshops, live music, prizes can be won; entrance fee – Pay as You Feel, and £2 to enter the tombola and the bingo; what the money will be used for]

Cardigan Arms is located top left of the map below, and Armley Mill is located at the bottom, near the River Aire

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